Intimus 60CP4 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 3/P-4

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Features of the Intimus Pro 60 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder

  • i-control
  • EcoLogic
  • Silentec
  • DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor)
  • 2 x 2
  • 15.9-gal. catch basket volume
  • Dust-free operation
  • Sturdy wooden cabinet

Description of the Intimus Pro 60 Level 3 Cross Cut Shredder

The Intimus Pro 60 CC3 cross cut shredder can service the shredding needs of any small office, capable of daily use by about 5 individuals. This model shreds staples, paperclips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and floppy disks, in addition to documents. With a sturdy design, dust-free operation, mounted casters for flexible positioning, and multiple advanced technological embellishments, this model can be depended on to handle daily office use without a hitch. As a level 3-security shredder with a 10.25" throat, this model will shred up to 18 sheets of paper at once into 5/32" x 1-13/32" particles at 16 ft/min. Advanced technologies built into this model include "i-control," "EcoLogic," "Silentec," "DLS" (Dynamic Load Sensor), and "2 x 2." I-control is a central system of sensors and controls that performs commands given by the user, but also alerts the user of problems, such as when an oiling is needed or when the bin needs to be emptied. The EcoLogic feature automatically sends the shredder into sleep mode after a period of idling, powering down the shredder to zero electricity use. The Silentec feature offers internal sound-muffling technologies that prevent office disturbance, and the DLS feature alerts the user when the volume of paper being fed into the shredder is beyond the shredder's capacity by signaling either a green, yellow, or red light. Finally, the 2x2 feature is an internal filter system that separates paper particles from non-recyclable particles, allowing the user to feed all materials into a single slot and still be able to dispose of the waste in an environmentally conscientious fashion. All of these advanced technological features, combined with the durability and user-friendliness of this model design, make the 60CC3 shredder ideal for any small office setting.

Full Specs of the Intimus Pro 60 Level 3 Cross Cut Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Security Level Level 3
Shred Speed 16 ft/min
Sheet Capacity Up to 18 sheets*
Throat Size 10.25”
Electrical Requirements 115 V
Motor Output .92 HP
Shipping Weight 75 lbs
Height 30.3”
Width 16.5”
Depth 15.4”
Shredding Volume Mid Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes