Intimus 45CP5 Cross Cut Paper Shredder Level 4/P-5

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Features of the Intimus Pro 45 CC4 Cross Cut Shredder

  • i-control
  • EcoLogic
  • Silentec
  • DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor)
  • 2 x 2
  • 16 ft/min cutting speed
  • 10.25" throat width
  • 70.5 lbs
  • 11.9-gal. catch basket with robust wooden cabinet
  • Integrated auto reverse function to avoid jams
  • Reinforced security for especially sensitive materials

Description of the Intimus Pro 45 Level 4 Cross Cut Shredder

The Intimus Pro 45 CC4 cross cut shredder is a fully automatic, self-monitoring office shredder that can process documents, staples, paper clips, credit cards, CDs/DVDs, and floppy disks into 5/64" x 19/32" particles. Up to 9 sheets can be shredded at once depending on the quality, weight, and grain of the paper. There is a number of recently-developed advanced technologies specially designed for Intimus Pro shredders. All of these new features are incorporated into the design of this compact model. "I-control" consolidates all controls and alerts for the machine on one pad. Using backlit icons, i-control alerts the user of issues detected, such as the bin door being left open, the bin capacity being reached, and material getting jammed in the shredder, among other issues. The "EcoLogic" feature enters the shredder into sleep mode after a certain amount of idle time, stopping all power usage for both environmental consideration and financial benefit. "Silentec" entails sound-muffling technology built into the shredder, blocking potentially-disruptive operation noise from the rest of the work space. The "DLS" (Dynamic Load Sensor) feature will, depending on the volume of paper fed into the shredder, signal a green, yellow, or red light (like a traffic signal) to reflect how dangerous the volume of paper is to the machine; a red light signal indicates that functioning capacity has been surpassed, and that the user should activate "reverse" on the i-control pad to retrieve all material before a jam can occur. The "2x2" feature is another environmentally-friendly feature, automatically separating paper from non-recyclable particles and storing them in different containers for easy, environmentally-conscious disposal. When combined with mounted rollers for easy mobility and dust-free operation, this array of technological advancements implemented into the 45 CC4 makes this model ideal for meeting the daily shredding needs of any office setting while minimizing environmental and financial repercussions, as well as providing an increased level of security for slightly more sensitive materials.

Full Specs of the Intimus Pro 45 Level 4 Cross Cut Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Security Level Level 4
Shred Speed 16 ft/min
Sheet Capacity Up to 9 sheets*
Throat Size 10.25”
Electrical Requirements 115 V
Motor Output .92 HP
Shipping Weight 70.5 lbs
Height 26”
Width 16.5”
Depth 15.4”
Shredding Volume Mid Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes