Intimus 120CP7 High Security Paper Shredder Level 6/P-7

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Features of the Intimus Pro 120 CC6 High Security Shredder

  • i-control
  • EcoLogic
  • Silentec
  • DLS (Dynamic Load Sensor)
  • 32-gal. catch basket volume
  • 12-1/4" working width
  • Dust-free operation
  • Sturdy wooden cabinet
  • Free auto oiler

Description of the Intimus Pro 120 CC6 Cross Cut Shredder

The Intimus Pro 120 CC6 high security shredder meets and exceeds NSA/CSS 02-01 specifications, shredding 7-12 sheets at a time to 0.8mm x 4.5mm (about 1/32" x 11/64") sized particles. This model comes with a variety of technological additions that ease the presence of this shredder, including "i-control," a single all-monitoring panel that uses backlit icons to alert the user of issues with the shredder that need attention, such as oiling, bin door, bin capacity, and internal temperature. Another technological feature included is the "EcoLogic" energy saving mechanism, which cues the shredder to enter sleep mode and stop all power consumption after a certain period of idling (which the user can change). "Silentec" features silencing technology installed inside the shredder that prevents much of the operation noise from escaping through the outer shell of the shredder into the work environment. "DLS" (Dynamic Load Sensor) uses a system of colored lights not unlike traffic signals to reflect the danger level of the volume of paper being fed into the shredder. A green light indicates that all is well; a yellow light indicates that the volume of paper may cause problems; and a red light indicates an impending jam, and also cues auto reverse to eject whatever is in the cutters. These built-in technologies, combined with the shredder's high security qualifications, nonintrusive design, and easy mobility with mounted casters, the 120CC6 will serve as a perfect addition to a moderately-sized office that regularly handles high-security papers.

Full Specs of the Intimus Pro 120 CC6 Cross Cut Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Speed 214 sheets/min
Security Level Level 6/P-7
Sheet Capacity 7-12 sheets*
Throat Size 12.25”
Electrical Requirements 115 V
Motor Output 2.4 HP
Shipping Weight 103.6 lbs
Height 38.6”
Width 21.3”
Depth 15.7”
Shredding Volume Mid Volume
Shreds Credit Cards No
Shreds Paper Clips No
Shred DVDs and CDs No