Intimus 16.87 (.25" x 2") Cross Cut Shredder Level 3/P-4

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Features of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/4" x 2") Cross Cut Shredder Baler

  • Continuous cutting operation
  • Variety of cutting mechanisms
  • Can handle up to 420 sheets at a time
  • 3 Phase
  • 50 amp line required
  • 5/16" x 2" particle size

Description of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/4in. X 2in.) Cross Cut Shredder Baler

The Intimus Power 16.87 (1/4" x 2") industrial cross cut shredder baler system is a continuous cycle machine, shredding and baling material simultaneously. This model is capable of shredding staples, paper clips, CDs, DVDs, credit cards, floppy disks, binders, and up to 42- sheets of paper per pass at 50 ft/min, or 1500 lbs./hr. This model also features a generous input belt width of 20" and a number of safety measure, such as the emergency shut-down bar, straps for securing bales, the switches for securing the input and output openings, and a lockable master switch to make sure that only permitted users operate the shredder. Mobility of the entire machine is made possible by mounted rollers, and auto-reverse kicks in when a jam is detected to reverse the jam. The 16.87 (1/4" x 2") cross cut shredder baler is a machine made to simplify mass-shredding and mass-particle disposal while maintaining a high standard of security and quality.

Full Specs of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/4in. x 2in.) Cross Cut Shredder Baler

SKU SCH1687-7.8CC
Shred Type Cross Cut
Security Level Level 3/P-4
Shred Size 1/2" x 2"
Shred Speed 50 ft/min
Sheet Capacity Up to 420 sheets*
Throat Size 20”
Electrical Requirements 208/220 V
Motor Output 10 HP
Shipping Weight 1,600 lbs
Height 61”
Width 47 ¼”
Depth 76 ¾”
Shredding Volume High Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes

Video of the Intimus Pro 16.87 (1/4" x 2") Cross Cut Shredder Baler