Intimus 16.87 (.50 Inch) Strip Cut Shredder Level 1/P-1

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Features of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/2") Strip Cut Shredder Baler

  • The 1687SC comes with a variety of cutting mechanisms
  • Can handle up to 450 sheets at a time
  • The 16.87 SC is a cost-efficient shredder/baler system
  • 3 Phase

Description of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/2 in) Strip Cut Shredder Baler

The Intimus Power 16.87 (1/2") industrial strip cut shredder baler system shredder allows your shredder and baler to operate together for the automatic compression of residue into compact bales. This Intimus shredder-baler is user-friendly because the cutters will reverse automatically to clear paper jams and then restart, and includes an audible signal when a bale is completed. This shredder and baler system is also safe because it features a key switch for the main power, two straps that ensure stable bales, a safety switch for the press feed flap and ejector opening, a safety interlock at the bale ejection flap, and a wide emergency stop bar. The 1687 SC has convenient continuous cycle operation that allows it to continue shredding while the baler is compressing material and is mounted on casters for total mobility. This machine is also powerful, and shreds with a capacity of about 1500 pounds per hour. This Martin Yale product produces a compact bale size of 30” high, 24”wide and 22” deep. This compressed bale is ejected directly into to a plastic bag or can be tied for simple and dust free removal and storage.

Full Specs of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/2in) Strip Cut Shredder Baler

SKU SCH1687-11.8SC
Shred Type Strip Cut
Security Level P-2
Shred Size 1/2" (12 mm)
Shred Speed 50 ft/min
Sheet Capacity Up to 550 sheets*
Throat Size 20”
Electrical Requirements 220 V
Motor Output 10 HP
Shipping Weight 1,600 lbs
Height 61”
Width 47 ½”
Depth 76 ¾”
Shredding Volume High Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes

Video of the Intimus Power 16.87 (1/2") Strip Cut Shredder Baler