Intimus FlashEx Digital Media Shredder

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Features of the Intimus FLASHEX Digital Media Shredder

  • The Intimus FLASHEX safely destroys digital media such as Smartphones, mini-tablets USB-sticks and SSD's
  • Small footprint allows for use in an office environment
  • Cutting head features claw like cutting cylinders that pull materials into the unit
  • Automatically reverses thicker materials until they are totally destroyed
  • 4x15mm particles meet E-3 security requirements
  • Capacity per hour: 100 mobile phones, 500 USB sticks, 1500 CDs

Description of the Intimus FlashEx Digital Media Shredder

What previously needed an expensive industrial shredder with special power requirements is now available for virtually any office. The Intimus FlashEx Digital Media Shredder safely destroys flash storage devices without the loud noises or dust. Particles are no bigger than 4 x 15 mm and are conveniently collected in a waste bin below for easy disposal. Not only is it the ideal compact size to place in an office, it plugs into the standard wall outlet for easy and safe on-site shredding, instead of resorting to off-site services. By minimizing the time and handling before shredding, you also minimize the risk of a security breach or losing precious information. Simply drop in your device through the Auto Safety feed opening and watch through the glass viewing window as the steel cutting heads grab and shred. The ShredEx will automatically reverse thicker materials in order to achieve the most effective shred and maximize data security.

We use digital devices for nearly every aspect of business and communication, but our photos, emails, and documents are not for prying eyes. And because completely erasing flash memory in devices is impossible, shredders are a crucial step in the protection of intellectual data and sensitive information. What better solution than to personally destroy media devices on the premises! With the FlashEx, users do not need to secure separate storage and transport. Instead, users have the peace of mind that devices are . Any USB, SSD, cell phone, and even small tablets can be shredded. No other digital media shredder can offer the same performance that the FlashEx shredder provides in an office environment.

Full Specs of the Intimus FlashEx Digital Media Shredder

Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Speed 30 ft/min
Cut Size 4 x 15mm
Throat Size 6.5”
Security Level E-3 (DIN 66399)
Shipping Weight 256 lbs
Dimensions (cm) 58x61x98

Videos of the Intimus FlashEx