Datastroyer 502 SF High Security Shredder Level 6/P-7

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NSA Evaluated to Meet or Exceed NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 (Level 6/P-7)for High Security Crosscut Shredders

Package Deal Includes

shredder bags and oil


  • Automatic Oiler
  • 2 Gallon Case of Oil
  • Case of 50 Shredder Bags 

Features of the Intimus 502 Super Fine Shredder Level 6/P-7

  • The 502SF is NSA evaluated and meets the NSA/CSS Specification 02-01 for High Security Cross Cut Shredders
  • 502 SF has an automatic start/stop via photo cell sensor
  • Continuous duty motor
  • Casters for total mobility
  • Enclosed cabinet to ensure quiet and dust free operation
  • Solid shaft cutting cylinders


Description of the Intimus 502 SF High Security Shredder

The Intimus 502 super fine shredder is an ideal NSA approved high security shredder that is both powerful and consistent. This shredder meets the level 6 requirements and can help you to protect your business’ information with its super fine shred. The 702 SF is one of the Intimus shredders that features an automatic start and stop function via a photo cell that will begin shredding when it senses paper and shut off when the paper is no longer present. This shredder is very efficient and can easily destroy 5 sheets per pass. User-friendly LED indicators on the shredder that indicate “paper jam” and “basket full” and a continuous duty motor that does not require time to cool off in between shreds. The Intimus 502 SF includes our automatic oiler, which directly oils the cutters internally, saving you the time and energy of manually oiling your shredder as well as preserving the life of the shredder. This shredder with a throat width of 10.25” and an enclosed cabinet that is mounted on casters for easy mobility throughout the office. This shredder meets all of your high security document shredding needs, and can efficiently and reliably protect your business and its documents.

Full Specs of the Intimus 502 SF High Security Shredder

SKU SCH502-227994
Shred Type Cross Cut
Security Level Level 6/P-7
Sheet Capacity Up to 13 sheets*
Throat Size 12 ¼”
Electrical Requirements 115 V
Motor Output 2.4 HP
Shipping Weight 120 lbs
Height 38.6”
Width 21.3”
Depth 15.7”
Shredding Volume Mid Volume
Shreds Credit Cards No
Shreds Paper Clips No
Shred DVDs and CDs No

Video of the Intimus 502 SF High Security Paper Shredder