Intimus 5000 Cross Cut Shredder (Discontinued)

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This model has been discontinued

Description of the Intimus 5000 Cross Cut Shredder

The Intimus 5000 cross cut shredder by Martin Yale is not your average desk side shredder because it can destroy a plethora of different types of media. The Intimus 5000 CC can shred paper, CDs, credit cards, access entry cards, IDs, and floppy disks. This desk side shredder has a separate safety slot for credit cards and CD shredding, and can also shred the clips and staples attached to your paper. This Martin Yale shredder features an on/off control via the light barrier and has LEDs for “stand by,” “paper jam,” “overheat” and receptacle “removed” or “full.” The 5000CC also has a push button for forward and reverse and a dustproof waste basket enclosed in a solid wood cabinet that is easily emptied by pulling out the waste basket. This at the desk shredder is mounted on 4 locking casters for easy mobility and is extremely efficient. If you are looking for a shredder that is small enough to sit by your desk, and versatile enough to shred a variety of media, the Intimus 5000 cross cut shredder is ideal

Full Specs of the Intimus 5000 Cross Cut Shredder

SKU SCH5000-255764
Shred Type Cross Cut
Shred Speed -
Sheet Capacity Up to 22 sheets*
Throat Size 10”
Shipping Weight 89 lbs
Height 33 ¼”
Width 19 ¼”
Depth 15 ¾”
Shredding Volume Low Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes