About Us

Whitaker Brothers Business Machines Inc. has been selling and servicing shredders for over 70 years. Whitaker Brothers provides equipment to the federal government, DOD contractors and commercial organizations, and constantly works to address their customers’ security and data destruction needs.


Our warehouse, offices and service department are all conveniently located together to provide customers with the utmost support and unified assistance whenever they need it. Instead of trusting your equipment to any repair company, leave it in the capable hands of the people you trusted to sell you the shredder first. Our in-house technicians have been expertly servicing shredders for decades and are your best resource for any problems you may encounter down the road.


Since 1945, Whitaker Brothers Business Machines, Inc. has been selling and servicing data destruction equipment to people everywhere. In addition to local businesses and homes, Whitaker Brothers has customers all throughout the United States and in more than 115 other countries across the globe. As we consistently are on the cutting edge of innovations and technological advances, we never lose sight of the quality and integrity of the equipment or the customer’s needs. Data destruction is one of the most critical aspects to security in our changing world and whether it is in someone’s home, a military base, an embassy, a corporate office building or a government headquarters, we are more than prepared to address the need and provide the appropriate shredder. Our long-term relationships with people, companies and organizations are truly a testament to the value and weight we put in our customer service. Even if the technology and shredders may change, our unfaltering support and service will not.


Whitaker Brothers’ corporate location is in Rockville, Maryland, with branch offices in San Diego, Calif., Florida and Baltimore, Md. Our in-house full service department is fully staffed by factory-trained technicians who expertly know our products. We can often provide next-day delivery on parts. In conjunction with our own technicians, we also partner with a nationwide network of certified service providers. We offer Preventative Maintenance Agreements on every single piece of equipment we sell and even on models we do not.


To us, the practice of providing quality sales and service to customers all over the world is not simply work, it is tradition. Whitaker Brothers stands by the serious performance of Intimus shredders, and can provide you with any further information that you may need or answer any questions if you call 800-243-9226.