Intimus Cross Cut – Mid-Sized Intimus Shredders

Whether you are searching for a compact or large cross shredder Initmus Pro has just what you need for all your shredding needs. Depending on size our cross cut shredders can shred anywhere from 45 to 80 sheets at a time. The Intimus Pro 852 is the ideal shredder for high capacity jobs it can easily dispose of both smooth and crumpled paper, as well as staples, paper clips,credit cards, and much more. Our smaller and more compact cross cut shredders are convenient and efficient for any small office space. They come with a great energy saving feature, EcoLogic that commands the shredder to stop all power consumption after a certain amount of idling time has passed, saving even more energy than the automated stand-by option on other models. Let us help you find the right cross cut shredder to satisfy all your paper destruction needs, give us a call at 1-800-243-9226