Office Shredder Reviews: How to Get the Best Machine for Your Office

Office Shredder Reviews: How to Get the Best Machine for Your Office

Office shredders are a standard piece of equipment in every office. They are needed to ensure the security of private information. For that reason, you should pay attention to office shredder reviews while shopping for a new office shredder.

Reviews aren't the only thing you should pay attention to while in the market. You should also pay attention to what you need out of your new shredder.

What To Keep in Mind When Shopping for an Office Shredder

There are several things you should keep in mind while in the market for a new shredder. Such things include the following.


Office shredders offer different levels of security for shredding sensitive documents. These levels range from Level 2 to Level 6. Level 6 is the most secure while Level 2 is the least secure.

Before buying a shredder, determine which level your organization needs.

Cut Type

Office shredders can provide three different types of cutting. Those types are the strip cut, the cross cut, and the micro cut.

The strip cut entails slicing paper in one direction. It is the cut type most people think of office shredders making.

Although strip cut shredders are the most common, they are also the least secure. A dedicated thief could easily piece together paper shredded using the strip cut.

Cross cut and micro cut shredders are comparable in that they cut in two directions. The result is a pile of confetti instead of long strips of paper. For that reason, they are far more secure than strip cut shredders.

Shredder Size

There's no point in buying a giant shredder you have no room for!

Measure the space allotted for the shredder. Then make sure all potential shredders fit in that space.

Office Shredder Reviews

Are you unsure of where to start your search?

Look no further! We'll cover the creme of the shredding crop below in our office shredder reviews!

Intimus Pro 45 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder

The Pro 45 CC3 is a thing of beauty. It performs the secure cross cut and takes up to 18 sheets of paper at a time.

As if that weren't enough, this beast of a shredder doesn't just shred paper. It also shreds credit cards, compact discs, and paperclips.

Intimus Pro 120 CC3 Cross Cut Shredder

The Pro 120 CC3 is the Pro 45 CC3's big brother.

This bad boy doesn't just perform all of the functions of the Pro 45 CC3. It also features a 32-gallon catch basket.

Additionally, it implements "silentec," which reduces the noise it produces.

Intimus Pro 120 CC4 Cross Cut Shredder

The Pro 120 CC4 slices and dices paper, credit cards, and compact discs using the cross cut. Like its CC3 cousin, it employs "silentec" to minimize workplace distraction.

What makes this shredder unique, though, is its increased security. It boasts Level 4 security.

Intimus Flashex Digital Media Shredder

The Flashex shreds just about any small media device you feed it. From flash drives to mini-Tablets to smartphones, this monster of a machine devours it all.

Speaking of devouring: the Flashex also boasts an impressive shred speed at 30 feet of paper per minute.

Intimus 502 Cross Cut Shredder

This subtle but effective shredder fits in any office setting.

Don't let its exterior fool you, though. This baby can handle up to 25 sheets of paper at a time. It also alerts you to paper jams, full bags, and improperly closed doors.

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