How to Properly Maintain Your Office Paper Shredder

How to Properly Maintain Your Office Paper Shredder

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If you want your office paper shredder to last, you must properly maintain it. Here's everything you need to know about when to do, how to do it, and how often your maintenance tasks need to be done.

In 1988, a United States judge ruled that your curbside trash is public property.

With identity theft and the seizure of sensitive documents becoming increasingly popular, it's important to properly dispose of your documents.

Your company has sensitive documents that you want to be sure never falls into the wrong hands. To date, a paper shredder is the most cost-effective and fool-proof tool you can use to protect your documents and clients.

With your sensitive information on the line, you need to properly maintain your office paper shredder, and here's how.

3 Ways to Maintain your Office Paper Shredder

You've already dished out a couple hundred dollars on a great paper shredder, so don't let that investment go to waste.

Here are 3 ways to maintain your shredder so it can continue to protect your security.

1. Know How to Properly Use it

You should know the paper capacity of your office paper shredder. Forcing the machine beyond its capacity will cause jams, expensive damage, and possibly irreparable harm to the machine.

While some shredders come with a load detector that will refuse an overwhelming paper capacity, this is not always the case. Be sure to consult your manual for the right paper load capacity, and attach a friendly note to your shredder so your coworkers also know the capacity.

As always, be sure to leave paper clips and staples out of your shredder. These objects will scratch at the blades and cause damage over time.

2. Pay Attention to Cooldown Time

When your office paper shredder is working, the motor generates heat. Not allowing enough time for your shredder to cool down can damage the motor.

As a general rule of thumb, give your shredder 30 minutes of cool-down for every 30 minutes of use.

3. Oil your Blades

To keep your blades in great shape, you'll need to regularly oil them. This is especially true if your office uses cross-cutting blades. The oil is essential to prevent friction and keep things running smoothly.

While the task of oiling an office shredder may sound complicated, you'll be glad to know it's not.

To oil a shredder, simply:

  1. Lay a piece of A4 paper on a flat surface
  2. Use manufacturer-approved shredder oil to create a zig-zag pattern across the sheet of paper, running all the way to the ends of the sheet
  3. Be sure to not over-saturate the paper, or it can get messy!
  4. Run the oiled piece of paper through the shredder
  5. Run a few extra sheets through the shredder to absorb excess oils

In an office setting, a paper shredder will likely need to be oiled several times a week.

Final Thoughts

An office paper shredder is essential to preventing the seizure of sensitive information.

To keep your security investment running strong, be sure to follow all manufacturer instructions and regularly oil your shredder.

For more information on finding the right shredder and care tips, visit our blog today.