How to Choose a Large Office Shredder

How to Choose a Large Office Shredder

Identity theft can happen to any kind of company.

From small local businesses to large, worldwide corporations, it is easier than you think for sensitive information to slip through the cracks. This is why you should always run printed documents through a large office shredder.

A shredder can save you an endless amount of time, finances, and stress. It keeps anything from client information to bank account numbers from getting into the wrong hands.

But, you need the right shredder for the job.

Here are a few things to consider when choosing one for your business.

Choose a Security Level

There are two basic forms of security functions for shredders.

One is a strip-cut and the other is a cross-cut.

A strip-cut is the most basic kind of shredder there is. It creates large strips of documents. This is a step above ripping a few pieces by hand, but not always enough to protect you.

A cross-cut takes information security to the next level. This kind of large office shredder creates small square pieces of paper. It cuts up to 200 bits of one document.

This is practically impossible for someone to put back together, making it much more trustworthy than a standard strip-cut.

Consider the Daily Usage and Overall Lifespan

Some shredders are workhorses - they can be used day in and day out by multiple people in an office. Others are more sensitive, meant to be used lightly throughout the week.

Think about the information you handle on a daily basis and how much of it you need to shred.

If you are making daily trips to the office shredder, you need a machine that can keep up. Or, you may be able to save a bit of money if you realize you won't need to shred everything all the time.

Whatever your expected shredding frequency, put it in context of a shredder's overall lifespan.

Consider maintenance and upgrades that will be needed as time goes on. Decide whether you'd like to buy a basic large shredder now and get a new one later, or if you want the best right away.

Capacity, Safety, and Extra Features

Once you have an idea of the overall power you're looking for in a shredder, take a closer look at the details.

Do you need a large opening where you can dump a pile's worth of documents in? Would you rather get a standard file slit to slide a few documents in at a time?

These questions will help you determine the throat size.

Other functions to look for include:

  • Paper jam protection and warning
  • Auto stop for carrying capacity
  • Lids and shelving options
  • Sound control
  • Office mobility

Not every large office shredder will have each of the features mentioned above. But, there is sure to be one with the right combination of things to fit your needs.

Find the Right Large Office Shredder for Your Business

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