7 Best Paper Shredders for Your Home or Office

7 Best Paper Shredders for Your Home or Office

If your company handles sensitive information, you need a paper shredder.

In fact, there are many reasons to get a paper shredder. Whether you're in an office or in your own home, shredders can protect your customers and your identity.

But how do you know which paper shredder is the best? Which will be the most durable and efficient?

Intimus gives you a range of products, and we stand behind all of them. But here are seven that we suggest.

302 Cross Cut Shredder

This compact and quiet shredder is one of the best paper shredders for your home or a small office.

With electronic controls, this shredder is convenient and easy to use. The auto starts and stops to ensure that you'll have full control over any shredding project.

This shredder indicates when the bag is full when you have a jam, or when your door is open. This takes the guesswork out of troubleshooting and makes it easier than ever for you to shred documents with ease.

With front opening, cleaning your shredder out has never been easier, too!

007 SF High-Security Shredder

If you're looking for something heavy duty and reliable, look no further than this shredder.

The 007 features the highest tested throughput available, with 26 reams per hour and 10 sheets per pass!

But when it comes to delivering the best, the 007SF doesn't stop there.

This product also features the largest bag volume of any high-security shredder on the marketplace, and it features an all metal shredder. This durable shredder makes it one of the most sought after ones on the market.

Finally, this shredder offers key lock security.

In addition to being incredibly innovative, it features all of the standard features you would expect a high-quality shredder to have, like a manual on/off and jam indicator.

402 Cross Cut Shredder

Are you sick of removing clips and staples from your paper before shredding it? Then this powerful shredder is perfect for you.

This shredder's solid steel cutters have the ability to cut right through metal clips and staples, saving you the time and effort of prying them out.

It is compact, meaning it can sit right next to your desk. It can also shred up to 16 pages at once. Shredding documents has never been faster than with this innovative product.

This product's electronic controls makes it very easy to use, as well. The troubleshooting tips make it easy to determine when there's a jam or a full bag.

If you're looking for something small but powerful, this is the right product for you.

0077 SL High-Security Shredder

For particularly sensitive documents, shredding them into strips isn't enough. That's why this revolutionary shredder takes things to the next level.

This shredder is the only one in its class that produces particles of varying size while shredding, making them almost impossible to be put back together, no matter how hard someone tries.

In addition to earning its name as the most secure shredder available, the 0077SL has a number of wonderful features.

This shredder has auto stop via photo cell, a thermally protected motor, and a rugged metal cabinet.

It has indicators for everything from paper jam to a full basket, too!

502 Cross Cut Shredder

Do you have a lot of people trying to work in a small space? Then we have the perfect shredder for you.

This shredder was designed to be used by multiple users, so it is able to handle a very heavy workload. Despite this, it is very attractive and easily fits any office without looking unsightly.

This shredder is incredibly easy to use and will start shredding the moment it senses paper.

This shredder takes staples and clips. It can also handle up to 25 sheets at a time!

But if that isn't enough for you? We also offer a model that is capable of shredding CDs and credit cards!

DS-7 High-Security Deployment Shredder

What are you looking for in a shredder? If the first words that come to mind are durable, efficient, and deployable then we have the shredder for you.

This shredder is incredibly secure, with recessed hardware and heavy duty casing. Despite this, it is incredibly intuitive and easy to use.

In fact, the shredder can be operated and the residue bag can be emptied without this incredibly easy shredder ever leaving its case!

If you're tired of struggling with heavy-duty shredders, but still want to provide your clients and yourself with peace of mind, then this is the perfect shredder for you. And its casters make sure it can go with you anywhere.

802 Cross Cut Shredder

Do you need a shredder with continuous form feed capability? That's where this shredder comes in.

This shredder works automatically through a light barrier. It was made to handle computer forms, so you don't have to worry about your paper being too wide to fit through!

And if you do overload it, you don't have to worry about the tedious process of cleaning it out. This shredder will auto reverse instead of leaving you to deal with the jams!

And if you need it to be more compact, that's no trouble at all. The large hinged shelf folds down when it isn't in use, making storage easier than ever.

Want to find more of the best paper shredders?

There are a lot of things you need to consider when you're buying a paper shredder, like:

  • the type of cut
  • how much you shred in a day
  • how wide you need the input to be
  • if there are children or pets nearby
  • where it's going to be

But once you've figured out these things, you'll find that Intimus has the perfect product to suit whatever needs you have.

You can request a quote on any of the shredders listed above.

If you have any questions or requests, you can always come talk to us! We love hearing feedback so that we can serve you even better in the future.

If you'd like to get in touch, contact us today.