Intimus 14.87 (.25") Strip Cut Shredder-Baler Level 2/P-2

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Features of the Intimus Power 14.87 (1/4") Strip Cut Shredder

  • Push button control for bale ejection
  • Multi-function button with options for off/forward/reverse
  • Audible signal that indicates when a bale is completed
  • Lockable master switch for safety
  • Continuous cycle operation
  • Mounted rollers for mobility

Description of the Intimus Power 14.87 (1/4in) Strip Cut Shredder Baler

The Intimus Power 14.87 (1/4") industrial strip cut shredder baler system shreds a variety of material with voracity and, thanks to continuous cycle operation, simultaneously packs particles into space-efficient bales. This shredder baler system can shred up to 140 sheets per pass at 50-59 ft/min, and includes many features that are user-friendly including a push button control for bale ejection and a multi-function button with options for off, forward, and reverse, an audio signal that indicates when a bale is completed to prevent overloading, a backlit display that indicates the status of various parts of the machine, and a lockable master switch for safety. This model will also automatically shut off if the bin is opened or the baler is full, preventing a paper jam. Should the machine be over-fed, it will automatically reverse to avoid or remedy a jam. This roller-mounted model produces a compact bale size that is 26” x 24” x 20”. These bales can be ejected into plastic covers for clean, dust-free transport and weatherproof packaging. These features combine to yield a high-functioning, user-friendly shredder baler system that is safe, easy, and satisfying to use.

Full Specs of the Intimus Power 14.87 (1/4in) Strip Cut Shredder Baler

SKU SCH14.87-5.8MM
Shred Type Strip Cut
Shred Size 1/4" (6mm)
Shred Speed 50-59 ft/min
Sheet Capacity Up to 140 sheets*
Throat Size 17”
Electrical Requirements 220 V
Motor Output 10 HP
Shipping Weight 1696 lbs
Height 65”
Width 31”
Depth 65”
Shredding Volume High Volume
Shreds Credit Cards Yes
Shreds Paper Clips Yes
Shred DVDs and CDs Yes